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Peoples Foundation offers Scholarship & Internships opportunities to students attending high school in Lompoc Valley.  To be eligible for our scholarship you must be a senior or set to graduate from a High School in Lompoc Valley.  Our scholarship programs are made possible by the donations of generous community donors who are committed to the academic, career, and life success of ALL students in Lompoc Valley.  Peoples Foundation team and our supporters, believe obtaining higher education and life skills is the key to fulfilling your life goals and a having successful career.  Our scholarship offerings are geared towards students who seek to pursue higher education in traditional as well as non-traditional feilds science, technology, engineering, the arts and math (S.T.E.A.M) i.e. graphic arts.
Our internship offerings, is Peoples Foundations way, of encouraging students interested in pursing different career paths by exposuring them to opportunites to experience those different profesional environments to grow thier knowledge and skill sets. We've partnered with businesses to provide those opportunities, and we act as the pathway for the student to take part in those opportunities...start now and apply today.